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Heuristic Evaluations

A heuristic evaluation is simply an expert critique of your website. We can perform the evaluation at a very high level or provide a very detailed evaluation. Time, budget and your requirements determine how far we go.

What You Will Learn From A Heuristic Evaluation?

  • How to fix your current site
  • How to redesign your website
  • How to ensure usability for special needs groups
  • Where to focus your budget
  • How to link your website to your business goals
  • How to improve the user experience

Evaluations Focus On:

  • What are the problems with your website
  • What are the missed opportunities
  • How to improve
  • Recommendations and next steps

The core set of heuristics that your website will be evaluated against are:

  • Organizational clarity
  • Clear labeling
  • Facilitating user tasks
  • Visual design
  • Consistent design
  • Efficient navigation
  • Readability and scannability
  • Matching user expectations

What You Get With A Heuristic Evaluation

In the end you will have a detailed report including screen shots of how your website measures up. This is a cost effective way to get an expert third party opinion on what the focus of your website redesign should be.

With results in hand you can choose to allocate your budget towards the most problematic areas or those offering the biggest opportunity. You will get direction on how to fix your current site with minimal costs or know what to improve on when you redesign your website.

We can also do Heuristic evaluations to show how well your website is accessible by users with special needs.