We work closely with agencies or directly with clients.

We tend to be involved throughout the project process from needs analysis and planning to strategy development and production. Our holistic approach means that we influence more than just the information architecture and content, but those are normally the pieces that we own.

Our team approach means there is often another agency contributing to the work. We’ll never claim parts of the job we didn’t do, but we will assert that our expertise and depth of experience helps our agency partners produce superior work.


Here are a few of the companies that we have had the pleasure of working with:


Formative Innovations
OneMethod Digital + Design
Dylan Upper Design


Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Education
The Toronto Centre

Small Business

Air Cargo Inc
Caribbean Flavah Restaurant & Catering
Infomatix Consulting Group



Our Work

We marry the skills and abilities needed to communicate, educate and organize to create content for websites, apps, presentations, brochures, training programs and more.

Here are some samples of our work: