La Marca Information Design is a consultancy focused on the creation, design and presentation of information. We practice two key disciplines – strategic copywriting and information architecture.

Strategic Writing

While most agency writers are focusing on writing taglines and catchy one-liners, we see an opportunity for a more strategic writer to step in. Writers who can deep dive into a body of content and make it informative yet simple, robust yet elegant. A writer who goes beyond words and looks to pictures, diagrams and numbers to help tell a story. We believe this is the best way to satisfy people who are searching for meaningful content.

Information Architecture

At the same time we respect the fact that skilfully written content accomplishes nothing until someone finds and understands it. That is why we also practice information architecture. We believe that the organization, labelling and functionality of a body of information is just as important as the words used to deliver the message.


Vince La Marca founded La Marca Information Design based on his ideas of what makes information valuable. With extensive education and experience in marketing and communications, Vince seeks to empower people and organizations through the design of quality information.

Vince has been a writer and information architect for 8 years. He has worked as a Copywriter, Information Architect and Strategic Planner for OneMethod Digital and Design and as a User Experience designer for Formative Innovations. Vince earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University specializing in Marketing and Communications. Upon graduating, Vince worked with Apple computer, where he held several sales positions over a 3-year period. For more details on Vince’s work experience and to make a connection please visit his LinkedIn profile.